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The Police Podcast brings together police officers, the agencies they represent and the communities they serve. We discuss current events, social media, best practices when dealing with the police and the lives our officers live. When we aren't talking with officers, we talk to business leaders in industries that can have positive impacts on helping agencies and officers do better jobs. Experts from communications, finance, equipment and training bring their real world knowledge to help inform and educate our nation's protectors.
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Jun 12, 2017

Everyone in the Orlando area remembers vividly the events that happened in the early morning hours of June 12th, 2016.

At 2:02 am, The Pulse Nightclub Shooting began and over the next couple of days the reality of one of the worst shootings in the history of the United States took place.

But, for the Orlando Police Department Public Relations Office, June 10th and 11th were very busy days that prepared them for what was about to take the worlds attention.

Wanda Miglio and Michelle hold down those responsibilities in a truly team approach to keeping the public informed through the Orlando Police Social Media channels and the main-stream media.

The end of Operation Safe Streets took place on June 10th, the culmination of a month long project to help make Orlando safer removing crime guns and offenders from the streets.

Later that night, the murder of Christina Grimmie, an up and coming YouTube star who was performing at the Plaza Live Theater, took place. Due to her rising fame and recent success on The Voice the national media ascended on Orlando to cover the story.

June 11th, the team made sure that the information about Christina Grimmie went out throughout the day.

Add into the mix a couple of full SWAT callouts, they department and the PIOs were kept busy.

And then… The Pulse Shooting took place.

Wanda and Michelle quickly went into action determining the priorities that had to be identified to effectively do their job.

Listen as they share the events from their perspective. 

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May 15, 2015

Today's podcast is brough to you by:

Chief Devon Clunis is committed to youth and his community, which shows through as we talk about policing and change. 

Chief Devon Clunis began his career with the Winnipeg Police Service in 1987 and has served in major areas of the organization including Uniform Patrol, Traffic, Plainclothes Investigation, Community Relations, Organizational Development & Support, and Duty Office (city-wide operational command), as well as a number of administrative leadership roles.

Chief Clunis is an avid community volunteer and has helped to raise over $1 000 000.00 on behalf of the Children’s Wish Foundation of Manitoba. He was appointed police chaplain in 1998 and has provided support to his members in that capacity, as well as providing support to members of New York City Police Department in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center. The Winnipeg Police Service formally recognized his excellence in policing and community work by awarding him the James Toal Award of Excellence in 2002.

Chief Clunis was promoted to Patrol Sergeant in 2002, Sergeant in 2004, Inspector in 2007, Superintendent in 2010, and appointed Chief of Police October 2012.

In addition to his leadership and management skills, Chief Clunis has overseen the development of an in-house leadership development program for Service members. He is a well- respected leader who believes the future of our city hinges on the creation of a culture of safety for all citizens and is honored to help lead in this area.

Devon is married to his wife Pearlene and has two daughters Taylene and Atira.

Early in the episode Chief Clunis gave his thoughts on having an informed community, "I think it’s important we educate the public, that we have a very informed public. Regarding police practices, procedures and why maybe we can’t tell you. I think when we have a public that is more informed, more engaged; when we have to make those difficult decisions, they will understand."

Later the Chief had this to say about being good to each other, "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."

Here is the link to the information piece Chief Clunis wrote about telling his community why the police can't always tell you everything:

You can follow the Winnipeg Police: