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The Police Podcast brings together police officers, the agencies they represent and the communities they serve. We discuss current events, social media, best practices when dealing with the police and the lives our officers live. When we aren't talking with officers, we talk to business leaders in industries that can have positive impacts on helping agencies and officers do better jobs. Experts from communications, finance, equipment and training bring their real world knowledge to help inform and educate our nation's protectors.
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May 6, 2016

From The Oakland Police Department via Nixle

The Oakland Police Department would like to apologize for the recent press release addressing traffic safety enforcement during the Cinco de Mayo holiday. We acknowledge that the language in the message sent was completely insensitive to the cultural holiday. We have worked extensively to build trust with all our communities and value the amazing cultures that make up the heart of our City. We are taking appropriate steps to insure that this does not happen again. Our intentions were to raise awareness about drunk driving and notify the community of traffic safety during the important holiday. As for every holiday and celebration, we want to remind everyone to celebrate responsibly and safely.

"We acknowledge that the language in the message sent was completely insensitive to the cultural holiday."...HUH??? What in the world did the OPD say?????

“Cinco de Mayo has become synonymous with festive fiestas and salty margaritas,..."

Well that's true.

I don't understand why police leaders feel the need to apologize because someone gets offended over something that is not offensive. 

The statement, the press release, the stats.....everything was informational, not confrontational and didn't single out a class, culture or group. 

A group on Facebook were the ones offended. Literally saying that the police were targeting Latinos

What??? Oh come on. 

Yes, someone put their own words into the release and that's what the police apologized for. 

Then....I saw it. What led to the reversal and apology. A Facebook Group posted it and there were 14 comments and 51 reactions. Oh the horror!!! And not all the comments were against it!

Oakland City Councilman Noel Gallo says the police department’s warning about the dangers of drinking and driving during Cinco de Mayo twisted the holiday’s rich cultural history into a caricature.

No it didn't!!

Taco Bell has done that along with every other marketing company that is trying to gain market share on social media for the 5th of May.

Leaders lead. 


Jul 17, 2015

Today's podcast is brought to you by:

Need? Do you really need to follow the police on social media? Very simply put, yes you do. You need to follow your local city police, county police and state police.

Some of you may be thinking that, “Tim, I already abide by the laws, I’m a good citizen, why do I need to follow the police? ” Well that’s a great question and the best answer I have is because you are exactly who they need to follow them. That’s right, the police need you to follow them.

Your name is John or Jane. You’re married in your mid thirties. You have 2 children, commute everyday to work in an office, enjoy dinner with your family playing with your kids after eating and on the weekends you do your shopping, get your kids to their activities, catch up with friends and don’t give a second thought to your personal safety.

You are the perfect follower for the police. You see, you make up the vast majority of the tax base of any given community. You rarely require the services of your police and chances are the only contact you have had with them is though a traffic stop or because of that ‘stupid thing you did as a teenager’.

The police need you because you are their secret weapon. You want to know that when you are at work your home is protected. You want to know that you will be safe travelling to and from your office and that while you are there you won’t become the victim of a crime. You want to know that there won’t be any bad people trying to talk to our children in real life or online.

You want to know that the police are there for you, but you never want to need them. Your police department also wants life to be exactly like that. But because of life isn’t just that “Mayberry” you need to follow your police on social media.

The police are holders of vast information and they want to share that information with you because they know something else about you. You will share that information with your friends and family because it will make them safer and protect them from the same things that you are protected from.

The police will share crime prevention information. Things that most of us take for granted like why the bushes in front of our windows should be the kinds with thorns on them or what that little mirror on the bank machine is actually for.

Some police officers will try to inspire young children with creativity and showing them there is more to life than they sometimes see or take them on a camping trip to get them out of the concrete walls that are sometimes their only existence.

They will let you know about crashes and traffic disruptions to ease your commute and the local weather so you know how to dress for the day. The police will warn you about the bad guys and girls that could cause you harm and the ways they will do it, like when you aren’t paying attention on the subway and you find yourself the victim of a smart phone theft.

A great police department on social media will tell you that there are three things needed for a crime to occur:

§  A victim

§  An opportunity

§  A criminal

They will show you how to insulate yourself from becoming a victim and how to remove yourself from the opportunity equation and how to avoid the criminal.

When active crime is happening, you know you can turn to your police for the facts and the information that is credible because they don’t work in speculation or innuendo. Your police aren’t on a timeline for keeping viewers on their channel so they don’t start massive fishing expeditions for the next great rumour.

Is there a criminal in your midst or a new type of crime that is looking for fresh victims? Your police will be providing that information to help make you safer.

Here is one of the best reasons that you should be following your police. They actually want to talk to you! They want to know what concerns you. They want to know what areas of your town you won’t go to after dark. They want to know what you believe they could do better to serve your community. Reach out and say “Hello” to your police department and there is a really good chance they will say hello back.

Need a laugh? There are police departments that specialize in adding humor to the social stream because they know the world can be a pretty depressing place some days and everyone could use a little laugh from time to time and they like to show their lighter side…

To give you the best reason to follow your local police, I have to go back 185 years to the birth of modern policing and the man who put in place the rules that still exist today. Sir Robert Peel is the father of modern policing and in 1829 he developed the Peels Principals of Policing.

One of those principles, the seventh, states, “… the police are the public and that the public are the police…” In other words, we all need to be there for each other. The police are members of the public and while they will come to our aid, we must also come to theirs and also to one another. If following, liking, retweeting, subscribing and sharing their information is the best we can do then we should all do it.

Ever think what your town would be like without crime? Imagine a place where tax dollars can be directed at social programs, school lunch and breakfast programs, senior care programs because as a community you insulated yourself so well against crime and made such a strong stance against criminals that the purpose of the police was just to maintain order and give advice as opposed to chasing the bad people around and burdening the courts! Sure, that’s a bit of a pipe-dream, but where would we be today if the dreamers of yesterday didn’t succeed.

Search the name of your police department, go to their website and look for their social icons so that you can help your city, your community and yes, even yourself be a little safer, more aware, educated and sometimes even entertained.

If your police aren’t everything I’ve described, let me know. I’ll reach out to them for you.

Jul 16, 2015

This episode is brought to you by:


You can't argue that great use of social media for your agency (business) is both an art form and a science. Chances are you want to increase your voice in the social space and understanding how to use both artistic creativity combined with science will improve your ability to be shared.

1) Quote or ReTweet:
I have become a huge fan of the Quote feature especially in those instances that I want to add my thoughts about why I'm sharing the information. 

2) If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get:
Be willing to ask your audience to retweet you. While "Please RT" is good, actually spelling it out is even better, "Please RETWEET."

3) Make it Valuable:
While some tweets can be 'just for fun' or 'just because', nothing is as important to sharing as the actual content you put out. Put out great content that is value based on your audience needs and you'll see more shares.

4) What's In A Number:
If your tweet has a number in it, use the numerical value instead of the long version. Using a number shows an increase of 17% in retweets, not seventeen percent.

5) Think About News and Instructions:
Everyone wants to be on the front edge of sharing great information that is relevant or helpful to others. The most popular things people want to share are news, instructional information, entertainment, opinions and products.

6) Timing:
If your audience is most active online at 2:00pm on a Saturday, that would be a great time to put out your content for maximum shares. Commuter times, weekends, lunch time are all considerations to help you make your best time. Your own analytics will tell you as well if you're paying attention.

7) Picture This:
Adding pictures to your tweets can dramatically increase the retweets. Pictures also can tell your story for you leaving you with less typing to get your thoughts across.

8) Hashtags:
Like pictures, good hashtags can slice your character count. They can act like chapters in a book explaining the content without using a lot of words. Be careful on how many you use. 2-3 maximum per tweet. Going beyond that can make your tweet look like spam.

9) Link It:
Using link in your tweet has shown positive retweets and better awareness of what you are trying to message. Placement matters here as well. Links that are between 75 and 90 percent of the way into a tweet increases their purpose.

10) Be a Retweeter:
One of the cornerstones of social interaction is 'returning the favor'. Want to get retweets? Retweet others AND GIVE CREDIT. When you see other people's great information share it, but make sure you include that person in your tweet as a "@ via", "@mention" or just an organic retweet itself.




Jul 16, 2015

Today's point to ponder is brought to you by:

Policies, procedures, guidelines and training all attempt to help and guide a law enforcement officer's decision-making and set the boundaries for what should and shouldn't be done. But, is that enough?

Police are to be neutral and leave their opinions at the door when they walk out on the street to enforce laws and protect the public. All too often lately we are seeing that the opinions expressed while off-duty can easily carry over into their on-duty existence.

Agencies are struggling with the idea of protecting an individuals right to freedom of speech while balancing that freedom with protecting the reputation of the department, or more importantly the reputation and effectiveness of the officer.

It is very easy to get emotionally charged up and try to express what you are feeling on the playground of social media but that expression can cost you.

Yes you have rights protecting your speech, but in the grander scheme of things, should you exercise them? In  some cases, absolutely not.

Officers are getting investigated and disciplined for expressing their thoughts in their private lives which may never be shown or expressed while working. You may be incredible at dividing your personal feelings from your work obligations and never do anything wrong, but one post, like, share on social can be used against you in your profession, rightly or wrong...that's reality.

The BEST way to protect yourself is just to refrain from making a post that will bring your integrity, reputation and professionalism into question.

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Jul 3, 2015

Today's point to ponder is brought to you by...

So many of us started out our working life by sitting at the side of a road, at the end of our driveway with a sign that read, "Lemonade." It's almost a childhood rite of passage to try and earn some extra money by selling lemonade, kool-aid or cold water on a hot day.

I can't tell you how many times while riding my police motor or driving the squad that I would stop at a lemonade stand and buy a glass and talk with kids and parents alike...brings back sweet memories of happy kids, appreciative parents and a kind of interaction that went unnoticed but never unappreciated. 

Sgt. Ben Becchetti + Officer Dave Pecoraro of the Palo Alto Police Department know that exact feeling and they shared their love of community building through taking the time to chug back some lemonade, sharing a laugh with kids, letting them see the inside of a police car and learning more about serving and protecting with Lieutenant Zach Perron. 

Lt Perron got to thinking and saw a great opportunity to get more of the Palo Alto Police involved with this form of community outreach and invited the public to let them know where road side stands were so that officers could indulge on a hot summer day.

The feedback from the community has been amazing and the initiative is spreading across the country. This once unseen form of community building now can now be seen through the use of social media. 

#CopsLoveLemonadeStands is being embraced by police officers and agencies because of how simple it is to take part in and how much of a positive impact it has in their communities. 

How much good will is being created with communities by a simple act like this? What kind of price tag can you put on leaving a lasting, good and positive memory in the mind of our youth? 

Get out there and join this movement...who knows, in the winter we can swing back for a visit becasue, #CopsLoveHotCocoa

Lt. Perron also wrote an excellent piece about this for the International Association Of Chiefs of Police:

Take a look on Twitter at the hashtag #CopsLoveLemonadeStands to see how great this is.

Thanks to Lt Perron for joining on The Police Podcast today. You can follow along with the Palo Alto Police on social media:
Lt Perron on Twitter


May 15, 2015

Today's point to ponder on The Police Podcast is brought to you by:

This is a pretty hallowed week for law enforcement. May 15th is the Peace Officers Memorial Day which makes the Police Week and Why I wear the badge is an initiative created by the International Association of Chiefs of Police to recognize and celebrate our heroes in blue.

Organizations that help out with Police Week, the Memorial and families:

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

  • National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), which sponsors the annual Candlelight Vigil at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.
    Phone: (202) 737-3400 | Email:

Fraternal Order of Police / Fraternal Order of Police Auxiliary

  • Fraternal Order of Police/Fraternal Order of Police Auxiliary (FOP/FOPA), which organize the Peace Officers Memorial Day Service at the U.S. Capitol.

Concerns of Police Survivors

  • Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.), which holds the National Police Survivors' Conference.
    Phone: (573) 346-4911
    First year survivors, call: (800) 784-2677 | Email:

IACP #WhyIWearTheBadge Initiative


Apr 29, 2015

One of the most talked about events to come out of the Baltimore riots so far has been the mom who saw her son on TV and went down to where he was and smacked him around a little then got him out of the area.

After she was identified and had her opportunity to tell her side of the stroy she was quoted as saying, "That's my only son and at the end of the day I don't want him to be a Freddie Gray,".

When the video was shared around the world, a common caption or opinion was she should be seen as the "Mom of the Year."

Really? Mom of the year?

I think we all got a little notalgic over seeing her smack her kid a little bit but to call her the mom of the year is an incredible insult to every mom out there who wasn't worried about her son being on the from t lines of a riot hurling rocks at police becuase their children didn't put themselves in harms way.

Here's the video from CNN "Baltimore Mom".



Apr 21, 2015

Today's Point To Ponder is brought to you by LexisNexis...visit


Yesterday the Philadelphia Police Department released a new recruiting video that was like nothing we have ever seen in the way of a recruiting video before.

Outside of the box is one way to describe it...memorable is another. Unique? No question. Some purists will be up in arms while those that live in the new digital communication age will see it in an entirely different light. To be honest, neither view will be wrong on the surface...some depth will be required. 

You be the judge...

May 4th (AKA May The Fourth Be WIth You) is coming up...challenge issued.

Did you stick around to hear the out-takes of me trying to start today's Point To Ponder?

Apr 7, 2015

One of the questions I am asked most often is, "How do we get the bosses to buy into social media."

In this point to ponder, I tell you the best ways to get the support from the top of the food chain of your organization.

This Point To Ponder is brought to you by:

Apr 6, 2015

The ultimate goal is naturally to gain many followers, subscribers, fans, friends, likes and everything else in terms of vanity metrics but the real key is to be an influencer.

Today on the Point To Ponder I talk about strategies to increase both and give you 5 great tips (and maybe a bonus 6th tip) to be an influncer.


Mar 15, 2015

Taking video and pictures of police doing their jobs can get you into hot water and for police telling the public and the media that they can't take video or picutres of you can get you into hotter water.

So where is the happy medium?

For the public, Texas may just be onto something announcing legislation that would make it illegal to take video or pictures of police if you are within 25 feet of them (100 feet if you are armed). 

Ther eare some exceptions to this, FCC licensed professionals, etc, and while this may seem like a heavy restriction, it is actually a pretty good idea for everyon'es safety.

It may even make you a more preofessional citizen journalist because you may just be getting a better image.

Listen on...

Mar 11, 2015

Hitting a Milestone

A crazy thing just happened. On January 21st I uploaded the very first episode of The Police Podcast:
Episode 1: MotorCop joins The Police Podcast.

It wasn't the first time that I had ever tried my hand at podcasting. "Traffic Talk With The Traffic Cop" happened for 6 episodes back in 2009. It was fun, but I just wasn't ready for dedicating the time required to a podcast so I let it go. 

Since that first episode we've recorded 16 full Episodes and 27 Point To Ponder 'timbits'. There has been steady growth and the downloads have continued to increase. 

On the third day listed on iTunes, The Police Podcast became the top podcast in the Government and Organization category and climbed to number 42 overall on the iTunes library.

The only reason for that success was because of two things...the guests and the subscribers. For that, I say to you all, "Thank-you" from the bottom of my heart. 

So what's the milestone? 

Today The Police Podcast hit 10,000 downloads! 

It's been guests like Randy Arsenault, Zach Perron, Dionne Waugh, Chris Hsiung, Chris Hurst and so many others from policing that have made this happen. 

People like Chris Brogan, Scott Stratten, Scott Monty and Melissa Agnes that have rocked the show bringing their expertise with them from the world of communications, leadership and digital media have educated our audience.

I'm always looking for great people and stories to share with our audience. 

If your agency has a program you'd like highlighted, a 'win' you want to talk about or you want to share what you are doing to build relationships and trust with your community, let me know and we can arrange letting our audience know about it. 

To be a guest on The Police Podcast just click this link or copy and paste it into your browser.

Mar 10, 2015

There is no shortage of controversy over many of the most popular apps with kids today.

It doesn't matter if we're talking about YikYak, Kik, AfterSchool, Whisper or BurnBook, kids love using anonymous apps to spill their guts all over the place. Some of what they talk about is good. Some is harmless. Some is just downright disgusting and has no place in our society.

The truth is they are kids...they have no idea what they are doing or the ramifications that can happen and so many parents are mre than happy to put their head in the sand and hope for the best.

Parents have to talk to their kids about what is happening out there. The real world consequences and the things that can have an impact on their children's futures.


Mar 5, 2015
Casie (pronounced KC) Shaminski and I met last year at an event in Florida and have stayed in touch online since. We've been to the same places at the same time but haven't run into each other usually realizing after, "Hey, you were there?"
Casie comes from a family of police and has first responder blood also having ties to the fire department as well. Like anyone with that kind of blood line, you know giving and caring are two traits that come naturally to her.
Her Dad was a Port Authority PD for NY/NJ for 21 years.  He worked the '93 WTC Bombing & lost many friends in 9/11 as well.  He has been a "founding" member of Team Live Out Loud (dedicated to KC's sister, Kellie's Memory).This is his THIRD year shaving his head BALD for the cause. 
Casie's dad is inlvoved with raising money to fight cancer through research and treatment with the St.Bladricks Foundation. You raise funds for cancer and your pay back is to shave your head. 
The St Baldricks Foundation doesn't just look to help any is targetting child cancer. Kids that get cancer aren't contracting lifestyle cancer...they are just getting a raw deal on life and could use research dollars and money to help fund treatments specific to their unique needs. 
Every day 43 children will be diagnosed with cancer and 1 in 5 will not win the battle.

Please consider donating to Casie's dad... His St Baldricks Page is:
This is a great video on Children's Cancer and the hardcore mission of St Baldrick's
If anyone has any questions they can Tweet Casie at @TheNameIsCasie.
Mar 4, 2015

Today I offer some simple and effective tips to help pop your Facebook presence. Proven tips that work and don't require you to stand on your head and jump up and down singing a happy tune to impress the Facebook alorithm gods.

Oh, and I also explain in plain english EXACTLY how the Facebook algorithm works so know you can master the newsfeed!

Mar 2, 2015

Today's Point To Ponder is all about Twitter and 20 tips that can make your Twitter presence better.

Are these the definitive, end all and be all for the platform? Absolutely not. These are just 20 that I think can make an immediate impact on your presence.

Start at the beginning.

1.) Use a head shot that shows your smile. People relate better to a face than a pattern.

2.) Fill in all the available information on your profile. About, website, location and bio.

3.) Use up all the 160 characters available for your bio including a url, a hashtag, a professional point, a personal point.

4.) Make your own custom header. is my choice for this.

What You Should Tweet

5.) Tweet information that has great value for your audience, not for you.

6.) Craft your tweets to include your message, a link to support it, a hashtag to track it a picture to frame it and your thought.

7.) Do it all in 100 characters.

8.) ReTweet information you find valuable. If you can, include why you thing its important for your audience or your opinion.

9.) Quotes are great. No, not yours…other people’s. Quotes from your industry leaders, inspirations on leadership, courage, greatness…just make sure you give credit.

10.) Take a walk on the wild side…share personal interest content outside of your immediate industry. Have fun…your audience may find it interesting to know you better than just your business side.

11.) Go easy on foodie tweets.

Go for the GOLD (Engagement)

12.) Twitter is a medium that promotes conversation. Talk with (not to, but with) your audience.

13.) Don’t be lazy with the favorite button. People use fav to mirror the like button on Facebook. Fav is good, RT is great, Reply is awesome! Take the time…remember engage!

14.) Don’t be a RT whore. If you RT every time you get a positive mention you are screaming “Look at me, I’m amazing.” Do it, but do it sparingly….save it for great content (someone promotes something you are doing, not describing what they think of you).

If someone describes you as amazing, now pull out the Fav click or even better…reply with a simple thank you.

Measurement is needed

15.) Measure your success based on goals you define.

Numbers of followers are a measurement that may impress the (m)asses, but engagement and quality of conversations means more to the influencer mind set.


16.) Don’t auto DM at all.

17.) Type like a professional adult if you are a professional adult.

18.) Be positive. Leave the negative to the asshats. Even negative situations can be reframed into the positive.

19.) Use Twitter analytics to help craft your optimal times and days to engage and share.

20.) Make Twitter a better place because you’re there.



Feb 28, 2015

It's a dull, dreary, gloomy day here in Central Florida. The kind of day perfect for reflection.

Just as I was about to start recording this Point To Ponder I was sent a Twitter message which became the core for this PTP.

Twitter Positive Police Quote

Positive thoughts was not the original plan for The PTP, but it sure took over as I laughed at the context...donuts and donut holes but thought more about the meaning.

Enjoy many positve quotes in this one. 

Feb 27, 2015

Two things drove the Internet yesterday...llamas and a dress. Not since Monika Lewinski have we talked so much about a blue dress...or was it a white dress?

The evidence is in and the fact is everyone is right, until all the information has been presented.

I got to thinking why so many people see this dress differently. I clearly saw it as the correct color and then I realized; we all have filters.

Filters determine everything we see. Filters alos come from many places:

  • Our experiences
  • Our perceptions
  • Our education
  • Our upbringing
  • Our soci-economic place
  • Our bias'

Before we make decisions based just on our own experiences, think how awesome it would be to make decisions based on all the information available. 

Empathy then has a chance to take hold and real change can happen.

The dress is definitely two colors although there is a huge argument over which two colors it is. The reason is the filters...remove the filters and we all see things the same.


Feb 26, 2015

Today is the day that the Internet has changed forever with a 3-2 ruling by the Federal Communications Commission in favor of Net Neutrality.

Is that an over the top statement or is it the reality?

I have no idea. Mainly because no one has been allowed to see what the rules containied in the 322 page document are. Now that the vote is in and net neutrality wins, we can see what the rules will be.

I have no informed opionion on this becuase most of what I could base that on has been politcial or business rhetoric. 

Do I want a fair Internet that is equally accessible for all? Sure I do. Do I like that there will be regulations created to do that now? Not really. Even if there is a base rate on the access, you could be taxed through the nose on the data you pull in. 

Oh, and how do we all feel about regulatory industries already? Some good, some bad.

Who knows. But as the next few days pass it will be very interesting to see where this all goes. 


Feb 24, 2015

I saw 5 articles today come into my streams that all talked about police using tools to monitor social media posts by the public.

The ACLU gets in on the act protesting the practice saying that the action is an infringement on people's privacy. Well, I'm not so sure about that since the only thing that can be harnessed is public posts in the first place, but it does raise a valid point.

What are the police doing with all that data they are compiling?

I offer a few points to ponder in this episode about just that. 

Feb 23, 2015

There are hundreds and hundreds of social platforms and networks that we can use to message our audience and multiple mediums that we cad do it in.

The question has to be asked, "Should we blast our information out there like a shotgun or be accurate with lazer like focus of a rifle?"

There are great argumetns for each side of the equation so here is my suggestions.

Always have laser like focus and if you choose to use multiple platforms, aim your shotgun with a rifle scope. Provide the best infromation availble that you can for all the platforms you use with native content.


Feb 20, 2015

In today's Point To Ponder we take a quick look at Facebook Insights.

Facebook Insights provides a treasure trove of information to help your social media program do better.

Have you ever taken the time to really dive into the insights to help you imporve the information that you are providing to your community? How you are reaching people, where they are, what makes one post more popular than another with a specific audience are all types of information that can be accessed with this simple tool the Facebook provides.

Take the time to look into the insights and use the data to generate information to tell your story better.


Feb 19, 2015

Todays Point To Ponder comes from Brian Solis. He is a digital marketer, anthropologist and futurist that gets huma nature on social.

I highly recommend that you follow what Brian has to say:


"Our communities are defined by the sum of what we create, curate and collaborate. By spending more time before doing so, taking into consideration the very people we wish to engage, we strengthen our personal relationships while also upgrading the global potency of the human network. "

If you want to engage people and build communities, make sre you are adding value to theri lives and that the infromation you provide is in such a way that you are giving them the value they need.

Take the time to do things right. Don't be in such a rush.


Feb 16, 2015

Who honestly cares about big data?

Big data is just numbers and metrics and pods. What we really want isn't data, it's the information that the data represents. It's the stories we can tell wiht that infoermation to justify actions with examples, justify the use of resources in one area over another or most importantly to scrap programs that just can't be justified becasue the information available can't be justified by the data.

Share your information with your community and you can help make a strong partner built on trust through information sharing. 


Feb 14, 2015

What a great day...Valentines Day. The day we celebrate love. If you're smart you celebrate it everyday, but if you're really smart this is the day you get to do a little extra in the name of the person you love.

In today's PTP, I go all Biblical and quote some scriptures all about love and the importance that love plays in the Bible and how that should transcend to all of us.

Hope, Faith and Love....and the greatest of these is love.

Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.

For God so loved the world the he gave his only son.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

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