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The Police Podcast brings together police officers, the agencies they represent and the communities they serve. We discuss current events, social media, best practices when dealing with the police and the lives our officers live. When we aren't talking with officers, we talk to business leaders in industries that can have positive impacts on helping agencies and officers do better jobs. Experts from communications, finance, equipment and training bring their real world knowledge to help inform and educate our nation's protectors.
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Mar 17, 2015

On today's episode I get to speak to Julie Wong and Bernice Chan of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto. 

When I was working the streets one of those calls that always caused you to go the extra mile and dig a little deeper was a call for someone with Alzheimers that had gone wandering/missing. 

One of the most beneficial things to do is learn more about the disease of Alzheimers and dimentia related brain illnesses and challenges. 

That's why I'm so excited about this episode...information from the experts about things you can do, things to look for and tips to help you in search and strategies for prevention.

This episode is not just for law enforcement but also the families that meet the challenge of this horrible disease and our communities at large. 

Julie and Bernice have provided some great resources here for you and I encourage you to educate yourself.

It doesn't matter where you're from, information is infromation and it will be applicable no matter where your jurisdiction is.


I have to give a shout out to my girl Romina Oliverio (@RominaOliverio on Twitter) who asked if this would make for a good topic for the podcast. Oh yeah it is!! This is great information. Thanks Romina.


You can reach out for more information to Julie, Bernice or Romina.

Twitter: @ALZToronto



Mar 9, 2015

Today's episode is brough to you by our friends at Geofeedia...

Geofeedia Be There social media geo based monitoring

Jonathan Cole Lucas is the young man that had an idea for an app and has seen that idea turn into reality launching the geo-based platform Burn Book.

Burn Book is based on anonymity and is gaining popularity with late teens and early 20 somethings. With the new popularity, also comes problems that only get amplified becasue of the anonymous appeal to a younger crowd.

Jonathan has a different idea for anonymity, "It can be something beautiful." and he isn't wrong. He sees a different kind of anonymous app and is trying to keep Burn Book fun without the problems associated to many of the other anonymous based platforms.

He even shut the app down for a time being to work out some of the issues that he didn't like developing in the system. You get the idea Jonathan is interested in providing a safe environment while at the same time protecting the 1st as much as he can to balance both.

As I've said about many can't always blame the platform, sometimes you blame the people becuase some people don't know how to act:


Jonathan on Twitter:
Burnbook on Twitter:



For LE:

Feb 12, 2015

You may not know the name Emeka Mbadiwe but you will certainly appreciate his message and his mission.

I discovered Emeka on Facebook when I came across a video he created sending a message to young black men in response to the aftermath of the Ferguson decision and the riots that occurred.

We start this episode with the audio of the video which is extremely powerful.

But, Emeka is way more than just one video. Emeka Mbadiwe is a Filmmaker, Speaker, Author and Life Coach. He speaks on issues concerning the youth and motivates people to reach their highest potential.

He has studied the science of achievement and mastered it. Specializing in topics such as Motivation, social media marketing and self improvement, Emeka has brought his Strong, Enthusiastic, Engaging and Comedic energy to thousands of people over the years.


Emeka energizes people to meet the challenges of the world around them.

Some of his video messages have gained over 1 million views on Social Media and hundreds interact with him regularly on Facebook.

Two more of Emeke's videos that need to watched....
Cure To Racism

You can connect with Emeka: