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The Police Podcast brings together police officers, the agencies they represent and the communities they serve. We discuss current events, social media, best practices when dealing with the police and the lives our officers live. When we aren't talking with officers, we talk to business leaders in industries that can have positive impacts on helping agencies and officers do better jobs. Experts from communications, finance, equipment and training bring their real world knowledge to help inform and educate our nation's protectors.
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Jan 28, 2015

This is story that was sent to me by a friend on Facebook (Dave Turner (THANK YOU))...and it is a story that needs to be shared!

CORNWALL, Ontario - A collection of Cornwall police officers went above and beyond the call of duty on the weekend - helping an elderly couple buy back a wedding ring that was pawned to buy groceries.

Coun. Andre Rivette updated city council on the story Monday night, which goes something like this:

City cops were attending what they believed was a domestic call at a Cornwall home involving an elderly couple who were in the midst of an argument.

Upon visiting the home police discovered that an elderly woman was suffering from dementia. They further determined that the husband had recently pawned his wedding ring in an effort to purchase groceries.

The couple had been married 54 years and the husband admitted he was finding it difficult to not only care for his wife, but to put food on the table.

Police quickly began canvassing among themselves and raised $150 to purchase groceries for the couple, as well as $130 to buy the ring back from a local pawn shop.

Rivette's story was met with an ovation from those in the council chambers.

"This really shows that our officers have a heart," he said.

The officers who helped will receive a commendation from the police services board soon for their efforts.

The Alzheimer's Society and Community Care Access Centre are now involved in the case.

The members of the service involved in helping the couple include constables Kim Norman, Cody Casselman, Michel Riel, Rodney DeGray, Casey MacGregor, James Lemoyre, sergeants Patrick Paquette, Dan Doyon and George Knezevic as well as civilians Jody Sheard, Josee Lalonde, Claire Denis, Jenna Legault and Tasha Marcotte.

Jan 27, 2015

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

We never know the troubles or challenges that someone is going through in their lives. Sometimes just getting out of bed is the most courageous thing they may do that day and you never know how a kind word, or a word of support will give them strength to keep on going.

To this end, I wish a dear friend great hope and courage as you face the road ahead.


Jan 26, 2015

Today we talk about the most common interaction that most people have with the police. The traffic stop. We cover three things that are helpful to everyone who finds themselves in the position of seeing the red and blue lights behind you.

Enforcement: Why do police do street level enforcment on 'minor' offences related to traffic. Parking, moving violations, regulations for traffic flow.

How To Get Out of A Ticket: I give you 7 tips to avoid getting a ticket from the police. 6 out of the 7 tips have all worked on me to let people go at one time or another. The 7th tip worked every single time.

Thing To NEVER Do: There are a few things that people try which I'm telling you that have never worked on me nor did they ever work on many of my friends. Don't do these ones.

Have a great day!

Jan 24, 2015

Everyday we have on this earth is a gift.

Like any gift we are given, we have to show appreciation and give thanks for that gift.

My personal beliefe is that it is a gift from God, so I give thanks for it, but no matter your belief, you can give thanks just by being great and doing the best you can do. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is the future, but today is the present for which we have to be thankful.

Have a great day.

Jan 23, 2015

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” 
― Mother Teresa

Consider the ripples you create with you actions and always strive to make waves of greatness!

Jan 22, 2015

The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly. —Jim Rohn

Many of our front line police officers have this ability within them and exhibit daily. The opportunity for leaders today to rise up and make an incredible impact has never been greater. There is a definite lack of real leadership and a great deal of room for it to be seized.

Jan 21, 2015

Melissa is the editor of the highly acclaimed Crisis Intelligence Blog, and the host of the internationally recognized Crisis Intelligence Podcast. Published regularly and followed by different government agencies and Fortune companies alike, her blog and podcast provide insights to help organizations manage issues and crises in today’s connected and real-time world.

Melissa was named by CyberAlert as one of “the 30 top most influential bloggers in public relations”; and her blog was ranked sixth of the “60 of the best Public Relations blogs in the world” by Inkybee.

Melissa has published numerous articles and white papers in trade journals including The Non-Profit Digest and Communications World, and is the author of two self-published ebooks:


When she isn't managing crises or speaking in front of an audience, Melissa enjoys adventuring around the world (usually on a sailboat), reading, writing and sipping champagne in good company.

To experience a demo of the Agnes+Day Table Top Communications Tool, click here:

To connect with Melissa, you can reach out to her on:
Twitter (Crisis Management Firm)

Jan 21, 2015

The Police Podcast Point To Ponder

Video is the present medfium that everyone strives to do better.  Video is also the future. Being able to do video great means having to be couragous in some cases and cautious in others.

Twitter is entering the video game beyond Vine...with 10 minute max vids to accompany its 6 sec short ownership.

That tells you just how important video really is. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Twitter all having strongholds on video marketing should make you consider what you need to do in video so that you can say, "I want my video to go viral".

Jan 21, 2015

The Police Podcast Point To Ponder

Today's PPPTP is from Matthew 5:9.

"Blessed are the peacemakers for they

shall be called the children of God."

Keep in mind that peacemakers cannot be confused with pacifists or panderers. To be a peacemaker means that from time to time you will get dirty and you will have to fight for peace.

Peace issomething that you don't wish for or dream's something that you have to make. Peace MAKERS, not peace thinkers.

Jan 21, 2015

The Police Podcast Point To Ponder

Walt Disney was a master motivator for his employees and a greater visionary for everyone. One of my favorite Disney quote's is, 

"You don't just build it for yourself. You find out
what the  people want and you build it for them."


The application of this for a police social media program is simple. Find out what your audience wants and then give it to them.

Jan 18, 2015

Lieutenant Zach Perron is the Public Affairs Manager for the Palo Alto (CA) Police Department.

He is an advocate for law enforcement's use of social media who enjoys studying how law enforcement can best leverage social media for general public outreach and for emergency communications.

Zach is a former visiting fellow at the International Association of Chiefs of Police's Center for Social Media. Zach can be found on Twitter as
 @zpPAPD and LinkedIN.

You can follow the Palo Alto Police Department on:

Palo Alto is one of the leaders in the use of social media and media realtions whose community and beyond can count on them for news, crime prevention tips, human interest stories, and more!

They even have their own mobile app that you can download for free:
"Palo Alto Police Department Mobile" on the App Store and Google Play

Jan 17, 2015

In today's episode, we talk with Sgt. Chris Hurst of the Lowell Police Department about hitting a grand slam run with one simple video that only added to their string of home runs they have accumulated with their community outreach. 

The Lowell Police Department

The City of Lowell is a farm community in Kent county Michigan, approximately 15 miles east of Grand Rapids. The jurisdiction is 3.1 square miles and has a population of approximately 4000.  

The business base is retail, dinning, fast food, manufacturing, and agricultural. 

The Lowell Police Department is a full time, 24 hour department.  We employ 6 fulltime officers, 13 part time officers, two full time civilians on staff, and volunteer Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP).  We primarily run one car per shift. Our staff consists of a Chief of Police, Patrol Sergeant, a detective (dual role as a patrol officer), and two full time patrol officers.  Because we are a small department, the Patrol sergeant is also responsible to respond to calls and general patrol.

We run 12 hour shifts (6a-6p/6p-6a), with supplemental officers on the weekends as a second car in the summer on weekend evenings.  Our part time staff are fully certified officers and fill in for the full time for vacations, training, and other time off.  The part time officers are responsible to hold the same standard as the full time.

Our RSVP personnel are seniors from our community who volunteer their time helping out the department with non-law enforcement tasks at events, property checks, and so forth.  They are uniformed and use a marked department (non- patrol) vehicle.

We have two Ford Explorer Interceptors, two Chevy Impala’s, two unmarked Impala’s (Detective & Chief car), a Chevy S-10 for our RSVP patrol, a John Deere Gator (for our local fair), and a former USMC motorcycle.  Our vehicles are fully equipped with on board cameras and laptops.  We carry the X26 Taser, the Bushmaster AR15, Freeze +P spray, and the AXOM Taser Body Cameras.

We rely on the Kent County Sheriff Department for lodging our arrestees and for processing OWI drivers (Datamaster Breathalyzer). 

Beyond the normal law enforcement work, we are a community policing department.  We unlock cars, assist our citizens with loose animals, conduct ordinance enforcement, respond to medical emergencies, conduct child seat checks, shop with a cop, our now famous “surprise traffic stop Christmas video”, conduct property checks for residents of vacation or away for an extended period of time,  and assist with other problems that may arise in the community.  Lowell PD also hosts a Citizens Police Academy for those that qualify.

SGT Chris Hurst

National Guard Duty: Enlisted in 1983 in Big Rapids, MI, retired from duty in October of 2003.  I spent 20 years with the 126th and 125th Infantry Regiment.  I retired at the rank of Sergeant First Class/E-7, Platoon Sergeant.  I was part of a heavy weapons company and qualified with the TOW missile system, a vehicle mounted weapon used to destroy enemy armor and fortifications.  I trained and qualified in an assortment of weapons and vehicle systems (Humvee, M113 APC, M901 ITV, and the ¼ ton truck (jeep))

Lowell Police Department:

I was hired as a part time officer in March of 1994, then brought on as a full time officer in October of 1994.  I have had multiple experiences with Lowell PD.  I have been a DARE officer for the elementary and middle schools and the detective.  I am currently the patrol sergeant, the firearms instructor, infection control officer, and one of the department trainers for reality based training. I am also responsible for general patrol and policing duties.  I assist with the West Michigan Criminal Justice job and decided to stay after she graduated.  We police the many parks in our county.

"Like" the Lowell Police Department on Facebook!

The Christmas Surprise Video Information:

Created by Rob Bliss Creative, a viral video marketing agency:

media/business contact:
Learn more about the #upliftsomeone campaign:

Editor/Co-producer Kevin Budzynski:

Film/Production Crew:
John Boros
Kristopher Sloboda
Jonathan Tasman
Adrian Butler
Gregory Foster II
Scott Erickson

Jan 17, 2015

On today's episode of The Police Podcast I was joined by the man best known online as MotorCop or as his friends call him...MC. 

MC has been online talking about his duties since 2008 and letting the world know, "If got stopped, you deserved it." He talks about some of the current events that we've been seeing around North America, finances, quality of life and what he thinks are the most important things in life.

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MC is also a contributor to Uniform Stories. Check out his work there as well:

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Thanks to MC for taking the time to join us on The Police Podcast!

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